Our Story

Welcome to Dazzling Lash Bar where beautiful lashes are our thing.

Established in 2017. Dazzling Lash Bar quickly became one of NYC’s Top Eyelash Extension Salon. Our clients love us...and the feelings definitely mutual. We bring out a woman’s best self. 

Having being invited to exhibit NYFW, designing lashes for a wide arena from working professionals to models to the NY Housewives, our core philosophy is always the same... customized high quality lashes, unbeatable lash designs with warm friendly service. With years of experience and a loyal clientele, we have some of the most reputable and experienced technicians in the industry. 

Styling some of the best
  • Classic Lash Extensions
  • Russian Volume
  • Lash Lifting and Tinting
  • Brow Lamination and Shaping
Top quality material
  • Our beloved Cashmere
  • Premium Silk
  • Mink

Elevate your lashes with us.  We look forward to seeing you.  Book your appointment online today.


Let’s talk about the birth of our glamorous 3D Magnetic Mink Lashes…

It is a known fact the beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes. To accomplish this, lashes have always been the finishing touch to complete one’s look. False eyelashes once a luxury, has now become a staple.  Being at the forefront of beauty, we understand how lush voluminous lashes can enhance a woman’s beauty, empowering her, increasing her confidence and bringing out her sexiness.

We saw a need in the market when women would request extensions for specials occasions and then to have them removed thereafter. Then there are those who go in asking for help to apply strip lashes for events. While traditional strip lashes have always been a popular former choice, professionals in the optometry industry prefers mascara and magnetic lashes to avoid damaging natural lashes with lash glue.  Needless to say, magnetic lashes are here to stay. We just needed better options for those who want the look of lashes easily at home but unable to maintain them. 

With health, safety and glamour being the core principles the salon adheres by, we designed our collection solving the issues of strip and magnetic lashes. The designs which are inspired by Coco Chanel with a twist; lashes should Classy & Fabulous. 

The collection features
  • high quality mink
  • the smallest and lightest magnets all optimally positioned
  • soft comfortable black bands
  • fluffy voluminous wispy romance looks just like how our clients in the salon love them
  • mini to go lash compacts so you can lash on the go
  • hypoallergenic eyeliner.

If you like glamorous dramatic lashes, and want to keep your own lashes healthy, then this revolutionary luxurious magnetic eyelash and magnetic eyeliner system designed by lash professionals, trusted by both professional makeup artists and photographers is sure to satisfy.  Shop here.



Dazzling Lash Bar